Broadway Themed Apartment Tour!

A walk through my New York City/Broadway Themed apartment!

See something you liked? I linked to as many items as I could below. If it’s not listed, it’s been discontinued, I couldn’t find it, or I just plain forgot! Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know where I got something.

NYC Shower Curtain:

Subway sign:

Greatest City in the World Bag/Funko Pop Magnets:

Keychains: Obtained in-person at shows but most can be found here:

Bag and Clock by Rediscover Handbags; note you will get a HUGE discount if you catch them at a booth, particularly BroadwayCon:

BroadwayCon Merch:

Playbill Framed Collage:

All BMC Merch:

They Both Die at the End Painting:

Broadway word art:

NYC Skyline Canvas:

Dear Evan Hansen lantern:

Elsie Cast:

Broadway Trading Cards:

Boyf Riends Candles:

NYC Candle: